Is it possible for a woman to get pregnant at the age of 45

Is it possible for a woman to get pregnant at the age of 45

Is it possible for a woman to get pregnant at the age of 45, there are many questions that women ask, especially adults who are over the age of 40, can she get pregnant if she is over the age of 45, as a woman can have children throughout the menstrual cycle, and in If the period stops, the possibility of pregnancy stops, but it is known that as a woman gets older and gives birth to her baby, health problems will occur for the child.

When does a woman's pregnancy end?

Women continue to have children throughout menstruation and are healthy, but a woman’s courtship begins to decline at the age of 33 and by the time they exceed the age of 35, a woman can experience a rapid decline in women’s courtship, after the age of forty she can stop her period and thus abstain from pregnancy .

Is it possible for a woman to get pregnant at this age?

There is a period that lasts more than 45 years, but the possibility of having children is difficult, and if a woman gives birth, she will give birth to children with many congenital anomalies and their birth will be abnormal and they will suffer suffering.

From many health problems, so women after the age of forty or before that stop having children to maintain their health and the health of their children.

What are the chances of getting pregnant at the age of 45?

The chances of a woman vary according to her age and decrease with age, as the chances of miscarriage increase and for women who do not suffer from health problems, the chance of pregnancy in their twenties and thirties is 90% in each menstrual cycle, and this age is generally considered the golden age of having children.

How do I treat my husband and take care of him?

But we say through your Arabic content site that with age to the mid-thirties, the chances of pregnancy decrease to 86% and at the age of 40 the pregnancy rate drops to 5%, and when a woman reaches the age of 45, this percentage decreases a lot and becomes 3-4% with the increase in the possibility of pregnancy naturally. weak.



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