How do I treat my husband and take care of him?

How do I treat my husband and take care of him?

How do I spoil my husband and take care of him? There are many people who seek to improve their relationships, whether the man is the “husband” or the wife. Hence we say that the marital relationship is one of the relationships legislated by the Almighty Creator, and it is one of the most important relationships that unite two people who want to create a new life and family and the continuation of life between them, but Wives wonder how to pay attention and show pampering to the husband and this is what we will talk about through our article through a variety of tips and beautiful habits that will bring intimacy and tenderness between the spouses, and now we get to know my husband how to be interested in him and spoil him and pamper my husband.

How do I spoil my husband and take care of him?

A wife can greet her husband when she gets up in the morning to go to work with a cheerful face, adding some kind words that make her husband feel love, tenderness and happiness.

 The wife can prepare the breakfast table a few minutes before she wakes up and prepares her clothes, and it is better to speak at meal times, and to pray a lot for him to make his day full of blessings and grace, or for example, to bid him farewell with some farewell words while he is on his way to work accompanied by him to the door.

 It is preferable that the wife does not talk about problems or talk about the problems of the house before leaving the house so that he does not feel angry and therefore cannot focus on his work.

 The wife can prepare the house clothes for her husband with a warm bath to get rid of the fatigue and exhaustion that affects her husband.

If the husband feels upset or angry, the wife should avoid him until he calms down.

It is very important to take the smallest details in family life, even if it is not important from the point of view of the wife or husband, but it can be very important for the second party, and this falls under the framework of interest and affection, which should prevail between them.

How do you make your husband happy?

When her husband returns from work, the wife is supposed to take care of the house and prepare food with juices to relieve his fatigue at work.

 That the wife wear clean and beautiful clothes, not work and kitchen clothes, with attention to her hair, as well as make-up.

 The wife should greet her husband with a smile and a cheerful face with a few words of welcome such as “Hello my dear husband” or “Hello my husband. Thank you for your work today.”How do I treat my husband and take care of him?.

 It is desirable for children to receive him with hugs, kisses, and the like.

 The wife can send nice messages to her husband, whether on social media applications or the phone, containing words of love or even messages of begging or reassurance about him.

 If a dispute arises between the spouses, it is preferable that the wife not sleep, but reconcile in implementation of the words of God Almighty and the hadith of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, and tell him. Some kind, sweet, romantic, or situational words such as why the disagreement occurred. I don't like being mad at one of us and the other etc.

 How do I spoil my husband in Ramadan and take care of him

What pleases the husband and indicates interest in his work is the concern for the house and food, if the husband invites some guests with a smile and satisfaction.

 The wife can arrange her bed and perfume it while she plays verses from the Qur’an at home to make him feel calm.

 The wife can remind her husband to recite verses of the Noble Qur’an, Ayat al-Kursi, and topics before bed.

 The husband feels the extent of his wife's interest when she listens to his sermons and teachings, that is, when she obeys him by order of Islam and does not anger God, there is no obedience to a creature that disobeys the Creator.

 How do I spoil my husband with words and deeds?

 A good relationship between the wife and the husband's family, especially the husband's mother, makes the husband feel happy, as if the wife meets most of the needs of her husband's mother.

 A wife can prepare a delicacy for her husband's family and send it to them as a form of closeness and affection.

 That the wife does not mention her husband’s faults in front of the mother, so that his mother does not get angry even if she knows about her son’s faults, but she must always mention the virtues of her husband.

 The wife should ask her husband to visit his family at all times and to be righteous with them. How do I treat my husband and take care of him?.

 The wife should treat her children well, be kind and respectful, and the mother should ask her children to remain calm so that adults are not disturbed by their presence.

Through your Arabic content site, we learned about very important matters, and every wife should tell a good mother about “How do I treat my husband and take care of him?”, because this is one of the things on which a happy family is built, and in order for the house to be happy there must be love And the interdependence between husband and wife, by identifying the best things that meet such matters.



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