Tips for managing the lives of remote working mothers

 Tips for managing the lives of remote working mothers

Tips for managing the lives of remote working mothers With the spread of the Internet around the world in the last decade, telecommuting and self-employment have become the ideal choice for women looking after their young children. In between, it's definitely not an easy thing, so you should learn a few tricks to organize your time.

Tips for managing the lives of remote working mothers

Tips for managing the lives of remote working mothers

It is the tool that creates order in the chaos in which you live. It is a useful tool not only for women who work remotely, but for everyone who wants to organize their life, and it brings you several benefits, including:

To-do lists reduce anxiety, as they reduce the Zeigarnik effect which states that people remember uncompleted tasks more than completed ones. Another research from Florida State University confirmed that anxiety will go away if our time is well planned.

If you have multiple goals such as organizing the house, running your business, and perhaps other projects in your life, the to-do list will help you remember the tasks that are required to be completed.

Arrange your tasks from most important to least important.

It is recommended that you update your to-do list at night so that you wake up with a clear plan.

Allocate a computer to work only

Do not play cartoons or any games or videos that may attract your child to the work computer, because he will think that this computer is available to him at any time he wants, and it will disturb you during your work times.

If you make this mistake, buy him another computer to play video games and do his homework to keep him busy while you work, and you can sit in the same office to check on him and make sure nothing happens to him.

Workspace to manage mothers' lives

Working from home will affect your productivity, so you should choose a comfortable place away from distractions.

For example, you should not place your workspace directly in front of the TV or in a noisy room.

As in the previous point, when choosing a place to work, your children will know that you are working and they should stay away and not interrupt you.

Smart use of time

There are many times in the day that you can take advantage of, for example, if you are productive at night, you can work an hour or two after your child sleeps. Lack of sleep can lead to an adverse reaction that causes fatigue and difficulty concentrating and making decisions, which leads to a decrease in your productivity as an independent and mother, and in the long run it may cause serious problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and others.

You can also use the time to go to school, as you will have four to five hours to complete a variety of home and work tasks.

Asking for help mothers who work remotely

After all, you're not a superhero, you can't work all year round and do housework and freelance work without asking for any help.

It's okay to sit with your partner and organize your life together, he may take away some of the work he can do.

Or sometimes, when time is short, you ask for the help of a relative to babysit your children for a while, or hire a nanny to take care of your children and make time for you to work.


Research every topic related to the project you are working on before starting to increase your productivity. This step will contribute to a smooth workflow. You can do this step during the short periods of time you get while you do other duties, for example, when you are waiting for your children to get out of school.

Take notes during the day

One of the advantages of self-employment and remote work for women is that you are not obliged to sit for a certain number of hours in front of the computer, but at this time, this does not mean that the time you do not work is wasted time, the most areas of freelancing are creative areas, you may come up with ideas for the project you work At any moment, you should record these thoughts so that you do not forget them, so keep a notebook close to you at all times.

Make time for your kids

It is easy to get caught up in the projects you are working on, and it is difficult to work with young children around you, especially if they feel uninterested, so it is preferable to allocate a certain time of the day to turn off everything and separate from work and play with your children or draw together or any other fun activities, this step Beneficial for your health and your children's mental health.

Take care of your physical and mental health

Don't stress yourself out and don't work if you're tired, and get enough rest.

Think in the long run, you will not be able to do anything if you neglect your physical health, and you must also take care of your mental health and your feelings, without which you will not be able to function.

It is common that we want to get all our tasks done, but the truth is that our productivity as human beings varies from day to day, so do not be hard on yourself and remember that one of the advantages of freelancing is the freedom to choose the amount of work we want to accomplish.

Remote work for women is a great option

Working from home offers many advantages, especially for mothers, but managing a home and work at the same time is not an easy thing, so you must be smart in managing your time and life and seek help in time of need, "Tips for managing the lives of remote mothers"



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