Horoscope predictions for the month of December 2022 in detail

 Horoscope predictions for the month of December 2022 in detail

Horoscope predictions for the month of December 2022 in detail, that many people seek to know the expectations of their horoscopes, as they take these expectations from the most famous astronomers specialized in this field, so Islam came with a comprehensive Shariah, keen on what benefits man and forbids what harms him, including forbidden expectations, these are the expectations of the horoscopes for the month December 2022 In detail, in the encyclopedia of the file, we convey to you the new horoscope predictions for the month of December 2022.

Horoscope predictions for the month of December 2022 in detail

With the advent of the new month of December, everyone is looking for the horoscope predictions for the month of December 2022, and they follow astrology experts and astronomers in the Arab world, to see what December holds for them on a personal and practical level, and their predictions for happy moments. And updates and missteps with the new month of December 2022, there are many famous astronomers and priests in the Arab world, who are followed by many fans such as Maguy Farah, Jacqueline Akiki, Carmen Shammas, Ahmed Shaheen, Muhammad Faraoun, and other famous astronomers, and special horoscope predictions are prepared. On the old traditional laws that astrologers have used since ancient times, and in this proposal we present the horoscope predictions for the month of December 202 2.

horoscope predictions for december 2022

A few days and December 2022, the last month of the Gregorian year 2022, will come before us, after which he will bid farewell to us this year. Because it has a great impact on the predictions of the horoscopes 2022, and we will display all the horoscope predictions for the month of December 2022 for twelve astrological signs.

Aries predictions for December 2022

Born in Aries in December 2022, we present to you what this sign carries in several levels, such as passion, marital partnership, emotional matters, work and money, and health and psychological status.

Passion and marital partnership Emotional matters are nice this month for the birth of Aries, where the planet of love (Venus) is the ruler of the marital relationship house of Aries. ), at a minimum: You can expect pleasant events, fun, joint projects that fulfill your desire, and generally the ability to express.

Participate in social and group activities, and with friends who have a positive impact on the emotional life of an Aries, this month is exciting in terms of analysis and conclusions, or the formation of a new philosophy on love and sex.

Work and money: opportunities related to work during the month, Venus is present in the first week of the month in the work house of Aries, and the rest of the month is in the house of supporters and supporters, and Saturn (ruler of the house of work for Aries) in opposition to the sun, and also there is the effect of a positive angle of 120 degrees between Mars (the ruler of Aries) and Jupiter (the great giver), but you must make business decisions after studying and carefully and not rushing, because Mercury is in retrograde in the house of status and work for Aries, and its retrograde period is from the 19th of the month until 3/1/2022, this means that things will not Be as you always want, the availability of information, study, communications and media has a significant impact on the success of the pregnancy in the field of work, you can resume an old plan, this month is very suitable for signing contracts, partnership, and cooperation, and this achieves additional financial gains.

The health and psychological situation: the pressure and stress will be great on the pregnant baby during the month, stress, tension, and extremism, some old symptoms may reappear, this month is suitable for conducting some analyzes related to health and safety, and if some symptoms appear, you must make sure to request a second opinion.

Astrological advice for Aries during the month: "Ask for opinion and support of others! You will achieve more with help than if you were on your own."

Taurus horoscope for the month of December 2022

As for the month of December, according to the expectations of the most famous astronomers from Carmen Shammas, Maguy Farah and Mohamed Shaheen, it bears many distinctive and successful characteristics at the level of marital partnership, health, work and money.

Conjugal partnership: Partnership relationships are good during the month of December 2021 because Venus (the planet of partnership) and Mars (the ruler of the conjugal partnership house of Taurus) are in the professional house of Taurus, business decisions are influenced by feelings now, or your partner helps you to achieve progress, or social success Affects you, or through contact with a person related to work, romantic passion, strong sexual impulse, through travel or from a distance, or through joint cultural and spiritual activities, may enter into unexpected circumstances, as a contract, because Mercury (ruler of The house of passion and sex for Taurus) retreats into a tense area

Work and Money: December 2022

Excellent for advancement in business or obtaining promotion and success, Venus (ruler of Taurus) in the home of work and profession for Taurus, and with it Mars (the planet of initiative, ambition, work), you have something to do, your attention is focused on your goal, in addition to Venus, the positive angle between Mars And the buyer, fall into the house of work and responsibility for the bull! Circumstances are ripe for you to push you forward, you can accomplish wonderful things, during the month of December 2022, the money comes mainly to you through others (family, partners, collaborators), but financial decisions must be taken very carefully.

Health and psychological status: you have a great spirit, and there is no health complaint, you have to work slowly without increasing, you must reduce the intake of sweets and fatty foods, and salty foods, do not exaggerate in meals, exercise, you are threatened with weight gain.

Astrological advice for a Taurus during the month: "Be careful in managing your money, especially during the second half of the month!".

Gemini horoscope december 2022

December brings many important events for Geminis

This will pave the way for better predictions of 2022, and many astronomers such as Maguy Farah, Ahmed Shaheen, and Jacqueline Akiki expected the most beautiful year for the birth of this sign.

• Passion and marital partnership: an important month in the field of relationships for Gemini, the association of Saturn with the Sun in the marriage house of Gemini, it may bring an important event, experience or decision, the month is suitable for the emotional life of Gemini; It works to change things for the better. If you do not have a serious relationship, you will meet someone who takes the initiative, and it will be a serious relationship, a month of fun and pleasure.

• Work and Money: The astrological situation from November 2022 to December 2022 invites you to examine and verify work, investments, credits, imports, taxes, and funds from partnerships, financial or commodity companies.

And the movement of Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) affects its movement in the areas I mentioned above, and this movement will be active in the month of December 2022 and perhaps more difficult and exhausting, as Mercury is in a retrograde movement, the time is not suitable for new financial initiatives, but analysis and organization are necessary, you can work Efficiently throughout the month of December 2022, and cooperation with associations is very important, any kind of alliance is good for you.

• Health and psychological situation: Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is in a critical situation during the month of December 2022. You have to monitor your health directly, but there is no need to worry, prevention is better than cure, Gemini's mood during December 2022 does not look great, try to be more optimistic He was accompanied by cheerful positive people.

• Astrological advice for a Gemini during the month: Be careful in matters related to money, be fair and transparent in all cooperation.

Cancer horoscope for the month of December 2022

Cancer is one of the most fortunate signs in December and 2022 predictions in the emotional level, partnership and marriage, work and money, health and psychological status, and we will present the most important of these important expectations here.

• Passion and marital partnership: The month of December 2022 is complicated for Cancer in the field of passion and marital partnership, because Mercury is retrograde in the marriage house of Cancer, you may encounter communication problems, in time, in contradictory cases, a change of thinking, ,, and so on, if you understand and realize some of what I mentioned, it helps you to adjust your love life, this development may be unpleasant sometimes, inconvenience, fatigue, your interest in carrying responsibilities and obligations for your emotional life, you have to take some actions or decisions, you may get anxious or a psychological complex about the topics of love and sex.

• Work and money: The positive 60-degree angle formed between Saturn and Jupiter, the ruler of this house, is located in the house of work for Cancer, and it foretells a fruitful month in the field of work. For some long-term projects, at the same time, if you want to make some changes or renew your way, or a new vision, or a method, or even in your field, you have to make an important decision, at the same time, if you want to you can make some changes To upgrade or renew your ways, vision, facilities, or even your work environment, you will probably have to make a significant decision. December 2022 is an active month for Cancers in terms of finances: new initiatives, acquisitions, investments, for various purposes, Need additional income, be prudent about contracts and cooperation with others.

• Health and psychological status: The angle of association between Saturn and the Sun in the House of Health of Cancer helps you find solutions to your health problems and take care of yourself, or change your lifestyle for a better, no matter who plans to take care of your health, you can count on the support of your family.

• Astrological advice for Cancer during the month: “Check your words with others, and make sure that you understand what you are being told.

Leo predictions for December 2022

Those born under this sign carry many events and a major setback in some matters due to the approach of Pluto and Uranus on the emotional, health and work levels.

• Passion and marital partnership: The month of December 2022 is full of passion for the birth of Leo. The Sun, the ruler of the Leo, is present in the house of passion and sexual excitement for the Lion, as Venus is in the house of physical relationships and in the presence of fiery Mars. You feel the strength of the sexual instinct, and you have the ability to give more of it. As you feel a great need for affection and love, you meet any challenge or stimuli simultaneously and sharply, you have stormy emotions, and adrenaline tracks through your veins, during the month of December 2022, you will face hot weeks, during which love can ignite on every occasion, but be careful because Fast emotional locomotive can cloud your judgment, and your reactions can be impulsive and very overwhelming for your partner! Critical cases are not excluded.

• Work and money: Your achievements depend on how well you interact with people: contracts, cooperation, alliances, teamwork, Venus, ruler of the career house of Leo, are in the house of relationships of Leo, but also there is Mars, which means you can mobilize others to achieve common goals. , or others can mobilize you, but there is also a perspective of competition, rivalry, even disagreement at times, with regard to the business itself, during December 2022, you may be under the impression that you are stagnating or being confronted with all kinds of crippling, crippling situations To be well organized, committed and focused firmly to manage it all, when it comes to money: be prudent, do not rush, do not waste too much!

• The health and psychological situation: During the month, Mercury is in a state of decline in the house of money for Leo, and this is affected by difficult angles between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, and this is something other than

Good, so be careful and don't leave anything to chance! In theory, your nervous and respiratory systems are weak, but that's not only it: If any health issue is left untreated it can get worse or resurface, be especially careful during the holidays! You must avoid dangers and upsides.

• Astrological advice for Leo during the month: Be very careful when traveling and during treatment can be exposed to danger.

Virgo horoscope for December 2022

The expectations of famous astronomers for this sign varied between being a sign that carries luck, and another that carries some luck and contentment.

• Passion and marital partnership: the month of December 2022, carries a noticeable concern regarding money and responsibilities for Virgos, Virgo has common and worldly concerns, “How do I get money”? Money, work, commitments, are incentives to ensure continuity! Maybe you will find someone who will guarantee you financial comfort, maybe a co-worker will help you, maybe someone whose serious and professional outlook you respect! However, during the month the emotional status of Virgo will be rational and practical, but Virgo always works in the best and complicated option.

• Work and money: You have a lot in front of you during the month, and you are efficient and energetic. Work brings you financial and emotional satisfaction, because Venus and Mars are present in your work house. Search, ability to communicate, agility and movement, skill and creativity, ability to express, and,,,, and so on, maybe things during this month do not go as easily as you would like (because Mercury is in a tragic movement), you may be suspicious, and searches, and you come across Difficulties, but the results (which will become apparent in January and February 2022) are worth the effort.

• Health and psychological situation: December 2022, an active month, needs a certain attention in appearance and health.

The time is right to take serious measures to be in good shape, to live a normal life, to lead a more organized lifestyle, and of course to solve any potential health issues, a good month for general checkups, dental care, exercise, or start a diet.

• Astrological advice for a Virgo during the month: Take care of your children and keep them under your eyes. A pregnant woman should be careful.

Sagittarius predictions for December 2022

The most important new predictions for astronomers Carmen Shammas, Maguy Farah and Jacqueline Akiki for the predictions of the sign of Sagittarius in December 2022, and the new predictions that carry the predictions of the horoscopes 2022.

• Passion and marital partnership: During the month of December 2022, Scorpio's emotions are related to money, or financial decisions.

In a way, there is a connection between money and your relationships, and this will not achieve happiness. Mercury, ruler of the marriage house of Sagittarius, is in the house of money for Sagittarius, but it is in a retrograde motion and is in a tense relationship with Uranus, who is in the house of love for Sagittarius. Emotional relationships are through the work environment, or conversations, Correspondence, travel, Sagittarius during the month is generally attracted to witty people. You may gain information to improve your love or sex life through reading, attending a conference, or advice from someone else.

• Work and money: it is an important month for finances, it is time to gather things, to analyze your success or failure, and infer the reasons, it is time to adjust and organize your budget, and pay your debts, Mercury retrograde is not suitable for making the right decisions, because it is in retrograde motion, now Just to analyze, and postpone making decisions until after January 8, 2022, when Mercury ends its retrograde, but you can continue without worrying decisions that you made in the past and stopped regarding work and money, you have great chances of success if it comes to thought or information or communications.

• Health and psychological status: During the month, your health status is average, but your spirits are high, you are confident in yourself and your nature is more gentle, you may be a little nervous and lack patience, and this exposes you to accidents and conflicts.

• Astrological advice for a Sagittarian during the month: “Mix with others and talk to them, so you will learn many useful things, and we wish you a happy month.

Libra horoscope for the month of December 2022

As for the most important predictions for Libra in December 2022, it is necessary to be careful and not to risk the approach of Mars and Venus in this sign, which will have strong effects on the predictions of the horoscopes 2022.

• Passion and marital partnership: the month of December 2022, full of sexual desire, Venus (the planet of passion) next to Mars (the planet of sex) are in the house of passion and love for Libra, the presence of Mars and Venus together in the house of passion for Libra fuels the fire of sex, pushes you to adventure and prepares you You have the right romantic circumstances, they help you to experience and sexual launch again in your current relationship, Mars is the ruler of the house of marriage in Libra, and quality in the house of love creates marital happiness, some born in Libra care about some topics, their attachment to children, pregnancy or adoption.

• Work and money: This month supports your talents, Venus and Mars are on your side not only with passion and sexuality, but also in the field of your creativity, showing your image, and creating job opportunities. The positive angle between Jupiter (ruler of the house of work for Libra) and Venus and Mars helps you to show yourself in the best shape, Starting your business is supported by an astrological trait that motivates you for artistic creativity, exploration, and activities related to sports, as well as enhancing your ability to communicate, studies, writing, public speaking, interviews, and negotiations.

• Health and psychological status: During the first and second weeks, your situation is in the best possible way, in the last week it may bring you surprises: on the 19th of the month, Mars enters the house of health for the scale, which exposes you to injuries or infections, injuries resulting from neglect, leading to bleeding or severe symptoms And painful, you should be more careful

Oh, and don't take risks.

• Astrology advice for Libra during the month: Pay attention to your home, devices, and parents and family!

Scorpio predictions for December 2022

The most important predictions of Scorpio for the month of December 2022 carry many and many hidden things on the emotional, psychological and practical levels that were published by astronomers, such as Jacqueline Akiki, Maguy Farah and Ahmed Shaheen, and these expectations also have a significant impact on the predictions of the horoscopes 2022.

• Passion and marital partnership: A month in which the need for intimacy is dominant, you can take your partner to a hideout and settle in, a warm and comfortable hideout somewhere, then you will live happily, Scorpio's attention this month is focused on family and home, he can redecorate the house, household tidying chores, purchase household items) or family events, perhaps bringing back memories, or meeting an old lover, in the last week of the month, sexual desire plays an important role in your life, and your need for affection and love.

• Work and money: During the month of December 2022, the sun is in the house of money for Scorpio, it pushes you to improve your income, supports you in business, makes decisions about your budget, or your family, or in the field of partnership, and pushes you to buy some necessities, you may be interested in real estate and inheritance , and things related to transportation or the need to invest in information, any financial endeavor that you should think carefully before taking it, and handle your negotiations skillfully, be careful in everything you expect, in general, during the month of December 2022, you must be very careful with everything You say it, write it, or decide it.

• Health and psychological status: the month of December 2022, brings you nervous tension, jitters and fatigue, you should take a break from time to time, on the other hand, the retrograde movement of Mercury in the movement house of Scorpio in the tense features between Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter indicates To the risk of accidents, exposure to cuts with a sharp object or burns, avoid this.

• Astrological advice for a Scorpio during the month: Think about where you are going, avoid miscommunication, and wish you a happy month.

Capricorn predictions for December 2022

The month of December 2022 for Capricorn carries a lot of luck and money in work and money, as there is great attraction and excitement in terms of passion, marital partnership, and health status, and this heralds the predictions of the upcoming horoscopes 2022.

• Passion and marital partnership: during the first week of the month you still have the desire, you look sexy, attractive, a lucky lover, and enjoy harmony with the partner, this month Venus leaves Capricorn, your passion subsides, your love life, your attractiveness and your preferences are directed to benefits, your priorities become of nature Very practical for flirting, it can shift the couple's attention towards money related matters, and the movement of the moon can bring on strong emotions now and then, for example during days 10-11, 15-16 or 28-29.

• Work and money: your interest during the month is focused on money, deals, accounts, negotiations and discussions, you may travel a lot, meet with different people, benefit from their information, impose on you an intellectual effort (study, conceptual work, editing, learning, and so on), which draws your attention to an important solution or An old commitment, which you benefit from in the field of efficiency at work, during the month you can take advantage of some opportunities that generate additional income through financial benefits, but the money moves very quickly, very large expenses, so there is no room for saving.

• Health and psychological status: The health issue is important during the month, because Mercury, ruler of the health house of Capricorn, is in a retrograde motion in Capricorn. This astronomical position can lead to weak immunity and disease. It is necessary to conduct a medical re-examination, throughout the month there is a risk of accidents.

• Capricorn's horoscope advice during the month: “Be careful with communications, show yourself clearly, and listen carefully.

Pisces predictions for the month of December 2022

December 2022 brings for Pisces birth many troubles on the emotional level, on the financial level, good relationships, some exhaustion and stress in the health situation.

• Passion and marital partnership: During December 2022, Venus is in the twelfth house (the house of trouble) is not a happy month on the emotional level, you may feel dryness or disappointment, or the end of a shaky emotional relationship, an emotional relationship may begin with secret, and the result of it is frustration Regardless of your desires, but if your relationship is committed, there may be discussions about a joint project or an old project to return to, because Mercury (ruler of the marriage house for Pisces) is in a retrograde motion in the house of hopes and planning for the future, look at things from another perspective, may Going back to an old relationship with the help of a friend, or meeting with an old lover on a social occasion.

• Work and money: you receive a boost in the field of work during the month: as the sun passes through the house of work for Pisces, and Jupiter (ruler of the house of work for Pisces) is a good trait with Mars (initiative, work) and with Venus also (luck, opportunities), you think about cooperation or a contract Makes you reconsider your future projects or change, however it seems that you will make a decision within the month, you may resume an old collaboration, or re-evaluate a situation you have postponed in the past, good relationships with others have an important role in your career throughout the month, able to manage Your money but not easily.

• The health and psychological situation: you do not have much energy during the month, so you have to avoid stress, your morale is not fine, however you try to pretend, your strength and activity return in the last week of the month, because on December 19, 2022 Mars enters Pisces and charges you With energy, activity and rush to work, until then you must rest enough, avoid stress, and be careful.

• Astrology advice for Aquarius during the month: "Don't waste your energy! Establish priorities and focus on what's important!".

Aquarius horoscope december 2022

The most important forecasts for the month of December 2022

Aquarius, on the emotional level, at the level of work, money and health, which carries many love, sex, luck, activity and strength, according to Maguy Farah and Carmen Shammas.

• Passion and marital partnership: After the seventh of the month, Venus is in Aquarius - the planet of love and sexual desire - and Mars is the planet of desire and adventure until December 19, 2022. Emotions are strong, romance is stimulating, the need for love is great, and your strength is attractive,, tremendous! Your relationships during December 2022 stand out even more when the Sun (ruler of the house of relationships for Aquarius) meets Saturn (traditional ruler of Aquarius), the possibility of an important event, important reading, or a new initiative! If you have a romantic relationship or a new love, beware that it does not end: Mercury (ruler of the house of love for Aquarius) is in retrograde motion.

• Work and money: The strong activity that you feel and great energy push you to test yourself and work for a great achievement, because Mars (ruler of the work house for Aquarius) is in Aquarius, December 2022, the month of financial production, especially if you deal with strangers or abroad, work Remote distance, online, intellect, higher education, judicial or spiritual environment, during the month cooperation from a group or work team is preferred, any team work, you can take advantage of some opportunities through personal connections or your personal attraction, beware: there is someone working secretly to get of your achievements, or plans against you! .

• Health and psychological status: Throughout the month, you are full of energy and activity and have an excellent spirit, but perhaps outbursts of anger ruin things, there is sensitivity in the nervous system of the bucket, issues in the respiratory system may appear, and there is a risk of accidents, take care of yourself, and avoid excessive! .

• Astrological advice for Aquarius during the month: “Be close to your supporters and supporters at work! They are willing to help you!” We wish you a happy month.

It is important to know that speculations and predictions are forbidden to believe because only the unseen is known to God Almighty, and that these predictions and speculations are just untrue fantasies but rather for the sake of fame.



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