How to verify a Facebook account with a blue tick 2022

 How to verify a Facebook account with a blue tick 2022

How to verify a Facebook account with a blue tick 2022, there are two ways to request a Facebook verification badge and request a blue tick, these two methods are provided by the Facebook administration.

How to verify a Facebook account with a blue tick

Confirming the Facebook account, as well as verifying the Instagram account, as well as verifying the Twitter account. These accounts enjoy great credibility at work and among friends, and even with the Facebook administration. When a Facebook user sees the blue mark on your page or even on the personal account, you find there is credibility and seriousness in interacting with you, and that Verified accounts do well in the publishing and search process.

Steps to verify Facebook account 2022

We will put you a link to verify your Facebook account, through this link you can access the “Hello Facebook Tawtheeq” form, but there are settings that you can change before filling out this form until your request is accepted and you are given a blue badge, the settings to be replaced will be known at the end of this article. Let us know how to submit a blue or gray tick application.

1- Go to this link to verify your Facebook account from here.

2- Tag a Facebook page or personal account

3- Copy the URL of the profile or personal page

4- Select a category for the page or profile or choose other

5- Enter the name of the country you live in

6- Insert a copy of your ID card, passport or driver's license

7- Now, enter a Facebook account verification message explaining the reason for requesting a verification badge

8- Click on Send. If you are rejected, you can try again after thirty days of checking the last Facebook page

  How to verify a Facebook account with a blue tick 2022

Steps to verify Facebook page 2022

Pages on Facebook can request a blue badge and verify a Facebook page. To get a verification badge on your Page, follow the steps below.

1- The first step, go to Facebook and then go to Settings

2- The second step, click on Verify Page

3- The third step is to click again on Verify this page

4- The fourth step is to enter the country, then the language used, and then enter the phone number

5- The fifth step, tick “Re-call me”, a code consisting of four numbers will be sent

6- Step Six: Enter the code sent to you, then press Continue

7- The request for a verification signal will be reviewed as well as the response comes after a few days, and you can re-request the verification of the page again if it is rejected.

Facebook account verification 2022

You can get a blue check mark, but did you know that Facebook does not give a blue tick to everyone, this tag indicates that this account or page is of interest to the Facebook audience, so the Facebook account or page is verified.

There are categories that are eligible to reach this mark, but not only these categories, but you can also get this signal through steps that will be mentioned at the end of this article, but now let's remember who are the categories that easily get a blue tick.


Press and Media

government official

successful person



How is a Facebook account verified if it is rejected?

It is possible that the verification of the Facebook page or the request for a verification mark for your personal account will be refused. In this paragraph, we will learn how to obtain a verified badge on Facebook.

In order to be able to verify a Facebook account and request a verified badge on Facebook, you must create a blog on Bulger for free, and it is worth noting that we talked before about how to create a Bulger blog for free.

After creating a blog on Bolger, reserve my com domain for less than $1, then link the reserved domain to the blog, then link your blog link on Bolger to your Facebook account or Facebook page.

Here you can get the Facebook account verification as soon as possible, and a request for a verification badge cannot be refused, because your account here is a content creator or blogger and not a normal person, as shown in the image.

Facebook account verification conditions 2022

What conditions must be met in your personal account or on the Facebook page, we will now learn about these requirements in this paragraph. Follow me now.

The account or page must be under the management of a real person or entity on the ground, in order to obtain the Facebook authentication mark.

You must be unique and do not have more than one account. With the exception of multi-language accounts, one Facebook account can be verified for each person, company or organization.

This account must be complete in terms of interaction on the account, as well as a picture of you on the profile, and the presence of an about section on your profile or on your page to verify the Facebook account.

You must be prominent in the sense that your page or account is famous and known in order for your page to enjoy the authentication of the Facebook page.

Is it possible to buy Facebook page verification 2022

Some advertising entities claim that they are able to verify a Facebook account or Facebook page verification badge for $1,000 to $1,500, but the Facebook administration warns against this step and that the Facebook administration does not sell the Facebook account verification badge.

 How to verify a Facebook account with a blue tick 2022

It may also be that the Facebook account verification has been removed and the blue tick was removed through illegal steps. So, avoid these suspicious methods.

By that, we have finished the contents of this article, which was entitled “How to verify a Facebook account with the card.” You can refer to the link of this publication in order for everyone to benefit, and until we meet in another article, God willing.



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